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The Fast Gun Software gang celebrating the completion of another successful project.
Fast Gun Software, Inc. provides software and web development services to companies in the Boston area.  For 20 years we have specialized in the latest PC software technologies and have shown many clients how these technologies can solve their business and scientific problems.

Most recent projects used Microsoft .NET.  One uses advanced XSLT to report on resource usage in an aircraft computer system.  Another reports financial information to managers and planners. One allows the user to enter hand sketches into a Pocket PC and upload them to a database which allows users back at the home office to view them on web pages. 

Some of the technologies used on these projects have been put to other uses in pages on this web site.  For example the technologies used to draw hand sketches and display them on web pages is used here to draw graphs of stock prices. 

The list below describes some of the live demonstrations you can see on this site.

Guide to Technology Demos
Category Description
This GIF was generated with ASP.NET using GDI+ and data from a database feed by a .NET web service.  There are two chart generators, one written in VB and the other in C#.  Give the interactive version a try.
Stock Graph
This page makes a graph of the price history of a set of stocks.  The user selects the stock symbols of interest, and the time period. Then the page queries the data and uses GDI+ to generate a graph in the form of a GIF image.  In order to achieve modularity, it uses a web service to query the database.

The page allows the user to asses the relative performance of different groups of stocks over different time periods.
.NET, XML, XSLT XML News Feeds
This page shows how XSLT can be used to display an RSS News feed.  Two formats are presented.
.NET, XML, XSLT Xml Packet Packer
This page demonstrates a number of advanced XML technologies.  The user is presented with an XML document that they can modify.  When they push Submit button, the XML is validated against a schema and any errors are reported.  If no errors are encountered, an XSL Stylesheet transforms the data and displays the result.  The XML document describes a packet of computer data consisting of fields of various lengths.  The XSL Transform lays the fields out in 32 bit words using a set of rules.  Large fields are broken into a series of chunks of 32 bits or less.  Pad is added to fill out 32 bit word as required.

Ever wonder what's in that big beige colored box behind the screen of your computer? Push back the upper left corner of your screen and you'll see it's Fast Gun Software's office complex. That's where all that good web content comes from. You don't even really need a network connection.

And for information on the folklore of Fast Guns, see Black Magic, and Crime Doesn't Pay.

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